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  • MOVIE page: Trance (2013)
  • Rate: 7.2/10 total 11,405 votes 
  • Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Filming Location: Dungeness, Kent, England, UK
  • Gross: $2,319,187 (USA) (31 May 2013)
  • Director: Danny Boyle
  • Stars: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson | See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Rick Smith   
  • Soundtrack: Hold My Hand
  • Sound Mix: Dolby
  • Plot Keyword: Hypnotherapist | Painting | Lost Painting | Amnesia | Fire
Writing Credits By:
  • Joe Ahearne (written by)
  • John Hodge (written by)

Trance TRAILER 3 (2013) - James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson Movie HD Trance - Red Band Trailer (2013) [HD] James McAvoy TRANCE - Official Green Band Trailer Trance Featurette - Hypnotherapy (2013) - James McAvoy Movie HD En Trance Trailer en Espaol (2013) 

Goofs: Continuity: The gun that Simon uses at the end is a pistol able to hold six bullets at a time but in the warehouse, he fires more than six shots without reloading.

Plot: An art auctioneer who has become mixed up with a group of criminals partners with a hypnotherapist in order to recover a lost painting. Full summary » |  »

Story: A fine art auctioneer mixed up with a gang joins forces with a hypnotherapist to recover a lost painting. As boundaries between desire, reality and hypnotic suggestion begin to blur the stakes rise faster than anyone could have anticipated. Written byFox Searchlight

Produced By:

  • Bernard Bellew known as executive producer
  • Raphaël Benoliel known as line producer: France
  • Danny Boyle known as producer
  • Christian Colson known as producer
  • François Ivernel known as executive producer
  • Diarmuid McKeown known as associate producer

FullCast & Crew:
  • James McAvoy known as Simon
  • Vincent Cassel known as Franck
  • Rosario Dawson known as Elizabeth
  • Danny Sapani known as Nate
  • Matt Cross known as Dominic
  • Wahab Sheikh known as Riz
  • Mark Poltimore known as Francis Lemaitre
  • Tuppence Middleton known as Young Woman in Red Car
  • Simon Kunz known as Surgeon
  • Michael Shaeffer known as Security Guard #1
  • Tony Jayawardena known as Security Guard #2
  • Vincent Montuel known as Handsome Waiter
  • Jai Rajani known as Car Park Attendant
  • Spencer Wilding known as 60's Robber
  • Gursharan Chaggar known as Postman
  • Edward Rising known as 60's Auctioneer
  • Kimberly Barrios known as Office Assistant (uncredited)
  • Sam Creed known as DJ (uncredited)
  • Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro known as Auction Punter (uncredited)
  • Shonn Gregory known as (uncredited)
  • Seelan Gunaseelan known as Dr. K Raji (uncredited)
  • Lee Nicholas Harris known as Paramedic (uncredited)
  • Kostas Katsikis known as (uncredited)
  • Simone Liebman known as (uncredited)
  • Alex Roseman known as Waiter (uncredited)
  • Kelvin Wise known as Fireman (uncredited)

Production Companies:

  • Pathé
  • Cloud Eight Films
  • Decibel Films
  • Film4

MPAA: Rated R for sexual content, graphic nudity, violence, some grisly images, and language

Trance (2013) Review by gregwetherall from United Kingdom
2012 was the year that Danny Boyle became a national hero for many inhis domestic Britain after masterminding a stunning opening ceremony ofthe Olympics. Seemingly able to satisfy even the sternest of scepticswith a rabid display of flair and flamboyance, he became elevated to ahallowed level of reverence. In the weeks that followed, he seemed toacquire an approval rating that most politicians would have gawped at,green eyed with envy. He stands tall as an icon of the every man, withan unaffected regional accent and amiable demeanour, with a dose ofeasy going charm. Beneath this genial appearance is a voracious talentthat is testament to many years of hard work alongside any naturalingenuity. Lauded with plaudits and success, it would appear he can dono wrong. Or can he?

Returning to his day job, Boyle re-enters the film arena with Trance, aLondon-based psychological thriller that rushes around with about asmuch calm and patience as an ADHD sufferer. He has said that he wasfinishing this project whilst he was working on the Olympic openingceremony, and that this should be viewed as its 'dark, evil cousin'.

Starring Vincent Cassel, James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson, Tranceundertakes a card shuffling roll call of sympathy and understanding.Early on, McAvoy's Simon misplaces a valuable painting. Under thepersuasive encouragement of Cassel's band of criminals, he ends upseeking the counsel and help of hypnotist, Elizabeth (Dawson), toretrace his steps. Although the backdrop for the film is that of acommon theme; a heist, it is merely window dressing for what is anindeed dark and, heck, schizophrenic joyride into the mind.

With a nodded cap to the disorientating freewheeling narrative ofNolan's Memento, this film glides along a bumpy path. It takes pleasurein scrutinising the tricks and tics of memory. Boyle plays chess withthe players and moves them around with the devilish glee of aringmaster induced with the cruel egomaniacal urge of a cartoonvillain. You can almost hear the grind of his hands rubbing together ashe plots each skittish twist and turn. This is aided, helpfully, by JoeAherne's source material and the screenplay's joyfully itchy nature.The film also has echoes of Inception. But with added sex.

Daring to make this an adult film and not dilute it in order to make itaccessible for a wider and broader audience, he does not eschew fromgraphic and explicit depictions. He performs with the cinematic frissonof a British Tarantino, but without Quentin's fondness for a baggyscreenplay. Having said that, and although such comparisons make forneat phrases for critics to write, Danny Boyle is very much his ownman. His films are all underpinned by his stylistic stamps ofauthorship. In fact, as it tends to be a defining quality of all ofBoyle's films, this one does not disappoint in its assault on thesenses. The thumping soundtrack plays havoc on the ears and the fastcuts fix into the eyes with the precision of a laser beam.

Not everything is welcomed wholeheartedly and with open arms, however.As much as the virtues of Trance are easy to spot and identify, it isalso somewhat flawed. So much emphasis seems to be placed on trippingthe audience (in every possible sense) that the film renders itself alittle distant to the sense of touch. The characters are slippery andthe consequence of such skillful toying with the assumed integrity (orlack thereof) of the protagonists leads inevitably to an arms spacefrom empathy.

In addition to this, the relentlessly florid displays of directorialshowmanship makes the pacing a little too one-sided. So persistent isthe pace that the runtime feels a little longer than the 101 minutesthat it forms and you may well emerge exhausted as the lights come up.Maybe the frenetic nature of Trance is a deliberate counterpoint to therelative stasis of 127 Hours. As it stands, this film zips along at aspeed that would make even Usain Bolt baulk and cower with fear.

Any quibbles mentioned do not deviate the bottom line verdict. Thisfilm is, on balance, a mighty success. It may not be as charming andlovable as the Oscar garnering Slumdog Millionaire, but it is arelentlessly entertaining thrill ride. It stands as an hour and fortyminutes at a cinematic equivalent of the best theme park you couldname. Hold on tight and buckle in.

Trance (2013) Review by freemantle_uk from United Kingdom
Danny Boyle has had a bumper few years, earning an Oscar for SlumdogMillionaire, making his dream project, 127 Hours and earned massivepraise for the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony. After years away,he has returned to making a British set film with Trance, which pleasesas both a mainstream crime-thriller and a more cerebral psychologicalthriller.

At a London art auction, Frank (Vincent Cassel) and his crew attempt tosteal a painting valued at $25 Million. Simon (James McAvoy) is hailedas a hero when he tries to stop the heist and gets hit in the head fortrouble. But Simon was the inside man for the heist and suffersamnesia, due to the blow he received during the action. When Frankdiscovers he does not have the painting, he becomes determined to findout where it is, by any means necessary. When torturing Simon does notwork, Frank turns to more unusual techniques and makes Simon see ahypnotherapist, Elizabeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson) and forces everyoneinvolved down a dark and twisted path.

Boyle reunites with writer John Hodge and Trance does feel very muchlike an early Boyle film. Like Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, Trancefocuses on people on the fringes of the criminal world, who getembroiled into much wider scheme and get in over their heads. The filmstarts with a great heist sequence and has at the start a slightlydarker comic tone before turning into a fast paced thriller.

As expected Trance has all the visual flair you want from a Danny Boylefilm, with all the cross cutting between flashbacks and the presenttime and Boyle does gets to play around with the dreamscape. Trancealso serves as a great example of how a music score can amplify theaction on the screen, being a fast and pumping when the action picks upto being calm and tranquil for the hypnotist sequences. Boyle does getto audience absorbed into his dream worlds with his use lens flare,camera movement and music.

Trance is similar to other thrillers like Memento and The Machinist,twisting and turning constantly. Boyle starts the film as a heist flickand then slowly turns the genre gears and turns the film into apsychological thriller. Like Christopher Nolan, Boyle and his writersset out to explore themes of memories, relationships, manipulation andtrust and it was done to an expect level. Throughout the film, itchanges courses constantly, leaving to the audience guessing: but Boyleand the writers do leave some clues about the eventual ending and I amsure there's more to the film, during a second viewing.

The characters themselves are also enigmas, as their motivations changeand we get to see more pieces of the puzzle. Simon starts off as avictim but as the film progresses, we see his dark and twisted side andMcAvoy effectively brings this out of his character. He was much betterfitted for this role, than his recent action anti-hero role in Welcometo the Punch. On a whole, the characters are generally unsympatheticand the film constantly shifts both its focus and who the audienceshould root for. But added to the film's theme of who we are meant totrust as relationships, the motives in the film that shift alongcoincide with its themes and makes some sense overall.

Whilst Trance is a fun ride, people might begin to see multiple plotholes and raise questions about how characters know certain actions andreactions were going to happen. But it can be argued that The DarkKnight Rises had plot problems, if you held it to any form of analysisand people still enjoyed that film. The aim of Boyle and the writerswas to focus on the themes and how the puzzle fit together once you getmore information, even if the foundation itself is a little shaky.

Trance is a highly entertaining and engaging crime and psychologicalthriller. It is a fun ride as it brinks through its 101 minute runningtime. Whilst there are some logic and logistical problems in the plotwhen everything is revealed, it is still a well made film that exploresthe themes of memory, trust and the framework of the mind. Fans ofBoyle's previous work will certainly be pleased.

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Trance (2013) Review by TheSquiss
First rule of Trance is: You don't talk about Trance. And that makesreviewing it difficult. It's too easy to give too much away. This isone of those films to consider avoiding the trailer and going in blind.Certainly don't talk to anyone about it first! My immediate thought asthe final credits scrolled was "I need to see that again tomorrow!"

It's tempting to say Trance is Danny Boyle's finest offering yet, butthat would be a disservice to the brilliance of Trainspotting and 28Days Later et al. It isn't going to hit the general populace in the waySlumdog Millionaire did, mostly because it isn't an 'easy' film theycan sit back and be entertained by. Trance requires a great deal morethought and investment on the viewer's part to fully appreciate theexperience than any of Boyle's previous films, but the rewards aregreat for those who make the effort.

Simon (James McAvoy) is a good guy, if a little nerdish, who works at amajor art auction house. When a gang aims to steal a £20 millionpainting, he endeavours to follow protocol by slipping the painting inthe safe, but things don't go according to plan and the paintingdisappears. Gang leader Franck (Vincent Cassell) is far from joyous andopts to torture the information out of Simon. The trouble is, Simon issuffering a severe case of amnesia following a crack on the head by awall. Then Franck hits upon the idea of recruiting a hypnotherapist tounlock Simon's memories and reality starts bending.

Trance is a head spin, but that's the greatest attraction of it. IfInception ticked all your boxes this, though an entirely differentsubject matter, will be a ride you'll thoroughly enjoy. ForgetOscar-winning effects, Trance is stylish and absolutely engrossingwithout them, relying instead on good performances and a detailed,complex and absorbing screenplay.

Ten years ago, Trance would have starred Ewan McGregor and often itfeels as though Joe Ahearne and John Hodge have written with him onceagain in mind, but James McAvoy makes Simon his own and, yes, he doesatone for his laziness in last week's Welcome to the Punch. McAvoy ison riveting form here as a character who seems at ease with his workand life only for confusion and panic to take over and then, as hismind is probed, something else entirely to emerge.

Boyle has crafted some of the finest character evolution we've seen onthe big screen for years, not only from McAvoy but from also RosairoDawson, in particular. Her hypnotherapist Elizabeth is beautifullyperformed; at first controlled and elegant but her subtle glances andfacial twitches suggest a strength of character not to be messed with.

Cassell is, as always, bang on the money as the crook with a brain anda stomach for aggression when required. He's one of 'those' actors whocrops up in all manner of films and can always be relied upon to addgravitas and, occasionally, an air of menace that might steal the filmfrom under the principals' noses, but neither the strength of their ownperformances nor the skill of the director allows that to derail thisstunning feast for the brain cells.

Though the focus is, naturally, on the trio of stars, the supportingactors in Trance are gifted parts and dialogue they can breath lifeinto and many of them could easily take control of the scenario if thescreenplay dictated. Danny Sapani (Nate), a TV stalwart of staples (TheBill) and gems (Misfits) alike lands a rare film role that must surelylead to a greater presence on the big screen and, though creditedsimply as 'Young Woman in Red Car', Tuppence Middleton seizes ourattention with her brief moments in the limelight. With the lead inTrap for Cinderella in the can, two Pierce Brosnan films (Love Punchand A Long Way Down) slated for release later this year and currentlyshooting the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending, Middleton is an actor tokeep a close eye on.

But no matter how good the actors, they cannot hope to save a film ifthe screenplay and direction have gone AWOL, W.E. being a recent casein point. In Trance they have the best possible opportunity to shinebecause Boyle is on fire here.

He weaves his story around an intricate structure of rabbit holes andavenues that many people won't get, understand or cope with. So switchon your brain, absorb the music, open your eyes and start running withit. It's a hell of a ride and worth every effort.

For more reviews from The Squiss, subscribe to my blog and like theFacebook page.

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